Release: Incarno (Demo Tape 5 - 2005)

Recording: July 2005
Play members: David Rodriguez (all instruments)

Track List:

1 - Intro
2 - The fist of Aiapaec
3 - Incarnation
4 - His majesty

Lenght: 20 min
Copyrigth © Incarno 2005
Reviews: Unknown
Genre: Death metal
Distribution: Own (20 copies)
Storage: Not available

Comments:  After dissolution in 1998, Carlos going to USA and some years later start in the band Process of Suffocation from Memphis. David continued creating and composing songs with all instruments. The thematic of the old Incarno were antisocial, death and protest. It was decided to refocus the band and establish a way to change the sound and lyrical returning to the beginning with Abomicterror. Now the band composed melodies based on a mixture of European death metal of the late '80s and speed of some American influences of early 90s. This fusion allowed to produce this work. Their lyrics describe the religious beliefs of American Indians, the natural disasters that were attributed to the ancient gods of the Andes. The first song "The fist of Aiapaec" is a discharge of speed that describes how people lived fury of this god in ancient north coast of Peru. The song "Incarnation" was re-estructured from the old song "Acontecer" from 90´s. Lyrics changes and more melodic and estructured riffs was made. A parallel version of "Acontecer" song was edited by Process of Suffocation band under the name "Human despoiler". Other old songs of Incarno as "El principio" and "Raza maldita" also were re-designed back in that band in their demos. The last song "His majesty" is a old invocation that was made to God Aiapaec to disperse calamities on neighboring enemies.

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