Release: Incarno (Demo Tape 4 - 1998)

Recording: April 1998
Play members: Ernesto Rodriguez (Vocals) Carlos Holmes (guitars) and David Rodriguez (drums)

Track List:

1 - Intro
2 - Acontecer
3 - Esa guerra
4 - Raza maldita
5 - El principio
6 - Castigo de las naciones
7 - Poseidas de loudum

Lenght: 22 min
Copyrigth © Incarno 1998
Reviews: Unknown
Genre: Death metal
Distribution: Own (50 copies)
Storage: Not available

Comments: This demo is perhaps the best recording we could do with the old formation. It was held in the city of popayan in digital console and better instruments. Ernesto also joined the band on vocals and this allowed Carlos better unload their anger on guitars. This work has all the songs written so far.

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